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A Review Of Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways Book

the lost ways

What Is The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways is a survival book by Claude Davis that details various survival needs and helps us learn how we can survive in the event of a major environmental catastrophic or economic blow. The humble truth is that life would be very difficult without modern conveniences like electricity, water supply systems and connectivity like telephone and internet as well as endless food supply. While most people take these things for granted, a few can quickly adjust to the former ways our ancestors use to live before such conveniences emerged. The purpose of The Lost Ways review is to render an unbiased descriptions and review of this book detailing its features, pros and cons.

Who Is Claude Davis?

Claude Davis is a renowned survival expert boasting 30 years of experience in the field. He is the one behind the popular survival site AskAPrepper.com. According to his own words, Claude was deeply troubled at how people have embraced the modern lifestyle and forgotten past survival techniques that would be very important if things took a shift for the worse. He then set out to provide a comprehensive resource that gives people insights into the basic survival techniques needed when modern luxuries cease to exist.

What Is In The Lost Ways Book?

the lost ways book review

When most people hear of survival books, they are often skeptical if there are any viable insights that could help them survive in the case of a major downturn. So what’s in it for us in The Lost Ways? As aforementioned, it is a 350-page book that describes how our ancestors used to live without main infrastructural supplies like water, electricity, food and communication. With each chapter, the author exploits specific critical survival needs that can help you take care of your family. These include the following;


This section provides practical information regarding how you can safely collect, purify and preserve water in the case of drought or when other environmental catastrophes poison our water supply systems.


This chapter details how to prepare super foods rich in nutrition. These super foods can last for years requiring no refrigeration and still deliver sufficient nutrition needed to keep promote growth, development and improve our immune system.


Claude, in this chapter, exploits how to make traditional-style cookhouses including smoke-houses and how to smoke meat and fish. Reading through these pages will help you quickly learn how to make bread, beer and other alcohol.


These insights teach you how to set up prey traps for hunting animals, fish, meat and birds all year round.

House Building

In this chapter, you will learn how our ancestors were able to build large sturdy houses including underground compartments that could comfortably hold up to 5 families.


These pages help you learn how to make traditional pastes and combine healing herbs to keep you from falling sick and heal diseases.

The book also contains other bonuses including two reports written by the author. The first report is a step by step process of how you can create a can rotation system at home. This prevents you from throwing away cans of food simply because they became expired and can hold up to 700 cans. The second report details what survivalists should start growing in their backyards including the strongest plants and nutritional foods. There is much more information within the 350 pages to adequately list in The Lost Ways review without ultimately rewriting the book. You should take time and read them.

Pros Of The Book

The advantages of this book are quite straightforward as it is a comprehensive guideline for crisis survival. Some of the key advantages it has over other survival books include the following;

  • Valuable All-Time Survival Skills

While this book is tailored towards survival in the event of a major catastrophe, it contains all-time survival techniques for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient. You can learn how to save money on utility bills, food and medication and survive any kind of crisis.

  • Very Comprehensive

Unlike other survival books, The Lost Ways is very comprehensive book with survival techniques for any disaster ranging from economic crises to famines, wars, water shortages and many more.

  • Available In Digital And Print Media

It is always an advantage to have physical copies which you can carry around and read. They save your smartphone and laptop batteries when you are on the road. You can also have the digital copy to substitute physical books and enjoy portability conveniences.

Cons Of The Book

Like any other survival book in the market, it does not come without its disadvantages. Some of the cons readers have raised include the following;

  • No Videos Or Tutorials

Illustrative videos and tutorials are very important when it comes to understanding the concepts in a survival book. If you are a visual learner, you will woe the lack of video and audio tutorials especially since there are 350 pages to read through.

  • Requires Incredible Commitment To Follow

Putting the techniques provided into practice requires an incredible amount of commitment. You must be willing to spend time to learn and master all the survival techniques. Those buying The Lost Ways should expect no overnight transformation into self-sufficiency. Nonetheless, all books that offer techniques on survival or even weight loss require commitment and determination to learn. This is why you purchase the book in the first place.

Money Back Guarantee

The Lost Ways of backed by a money-back guarantee that lasts 60 days. If you do not find the contents of the book useful within 60 days of purchase, you can request a full refund which is provided within 48 hours.

Is The Lost Ways A Scam?

From the review, you can clearly see that it provides exceptional information regarding survival. The book is authored by an experienced survivalist who practices what he spreads around. All the insights and techniques provided are practical and have been proven to work as they are the same skills ancient civilizations used to survive in the wild. It is advisable to purchase from credible licensed outlets allowed to retail the book so as to enjoy the bonus benefits such as money-back guarantees.

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