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List Of Foods That Have A Long Shelf Life

Shelf life foods are very common as almost half of foods people eat come from a can if not from other types of preserved foods. The longest shelf life food can last long if it can resist heat, light, oxygen and moisture. The food can last in its original form, for example, the shelf life of flour is about one to two years while that of wheat berries if stored properly is thirty or more years. That said here is the list of foods that have a long shelf life.

White rice

White rice is a cheap and easy to get food. It is one of the foods with long shelf life. This food is more filling and thus can help an individual overcome stomach upsets. Additionally, an individual can make a complete protein out of it when he combines it with beans. White varieties of rice would last for thirty years or more. However, it will require excellent packaging to keep out vermin.

Dried beans

As mentioned before dried beans when combined with rice will provide a perfect source of protein and it is why they are much favored with preppers these beans are in wide array for stocking, and they include

  • Aduki beans
  • Butter beans
  • Black beans
  • Lima beans
  • Green beans etc

While many preppers would stock dried beans, they often seem not to know what beans to grind into flour for baking, cooking biscuits, or bread making.

Dried corn and popcorn

The dried corn when fresh is a vegetable but when it is dry is considered as grain. Popcorn is a non-genetically modified organic food, is durable and sustainable. It is one of the foods with the best shelf life. This food is extremely versatile, as a person can pop or grind it into cornmeal. The ground cornmeal can last long as a dried corn. Also, cornmeal is more susceptible to vermin while dried corn helps a farmer sustain his livestock.

Food legumes

Lentils have supported man since biblical times and have indefinite shelf life. The long lasting ones are whole and not cracked. Because of their size, these foods are quick for cooking compared to pinto beans and are excellent sources of fiber. Preppers often overlook dried peas. The peas have a long shelf life like other legumes. The split peas can last four to five years on their own and have a shelf life that can be increased to twenty-five years or more by packaging them in Mylar with an oxygen absorber.


Oats continue to be under appreciated by preppers; however, they find many reasons to hoard them once they start preparing them. The oat groats are whole grain and take long to cook. They can last for more than thirty years in food storage. Additionally, these foods are highly nutritious and versatile. During the great depression, homemakers used them for extension of meats and casseroles.


Long shelf life foods are important foods as they don’t spoil nearly as quickly. And they can be utilized during an emergency and for which something is most people don’t think about.